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Electrical Transmission


Electrical Transmission Lines are equipped and designed to withstand the unfavorable weather conditions. ACSR conductors are generally used in these lines because of their light weight and high tensile capacity. The aluminum wrapping of this conductor, conducts electricity and the steel core prevents sagging of the line.

The transmission lines used are generally of two kinds, namely; transmission lines which conduct the power from their generating source to the substations and, the distribution lines that distribute the power to various customers. Both these lines are innately essential for conducting the procedure of power transmission.

The transmission line hardware that used, have a thorough check-up by a team of competent auditors. From durability, efficiency, electricity consumption and voltage regulation; these products ensure perfection and competence to the utmost.

Electrical Transmission Electrical Connector manufacturers 11KV Dolo Cutouts Double Break AB Switches
Electrical Transmission